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With professional public speaking training and experience both in-person and virtual events, Nicole brings a unique blend of skills to the table, with expertise in tech for good, design thinking, and leadership development, particularly in the area of reciprocal mentorship. Through their innovative approach to problem-solving and passion for empowering leaders to drive social impact, she is changing the way we think about technology and leadership.

Reciprocal Mentorship

In this powerful speech, you will learn about the transformative impact of reciprocal mentorship in both personal and professional settings. Reciprocal mentorship is a two-way learning process where both the mentor and mentee can learn from each other, and it is essential in building strong relationships and promoting growth and development.Through personal stories and research-backed insights, this keynote will explore the benefits of reciprocal mentorship, such as increased diversity and inclusion, improved communication skills, and enhanced leadership abilities.

You will also learn practical strategies for finding and engaging in reciprocal mentorship relationships that can positively impact your career and personal life.Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, this speech will inspire you to seek out reciprocal mentorship opportunities and embrace the power of collaborative learning.

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