About Me

Nicole Cacal is a highly regarded leader in the entrepreneurship, instructional design, and human-centered tech fields, with a passion for advancing the Filipino community. She is the Founder and CEO of Forbes Ignite, a consultancy advising global companies on how to innovate at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and social impact (Forbes Ignite is a license partner of Forbes Media, LLC). Nicole is also the Founder and Executive Director of Katalista.org, a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurship in the Filipino American community. A dedicated lecturer at the Parsons School of Design and a visiting professor at the Pratt Institute, she teaches courses on financial management, business models, social innovation, and strategic technology to the next generation of diverse leaders. She also engages in-depth conversations with mission-driven individuals who are redefining success through the Forbes Ignite podcast, “Inner Wealth.”

Nicole holds a BBA in Finance & International Business from the University of Hawaii, an MSc in Strategic Design & Management from the Parsons School of Design, and an MSc in Technology Management from Columbia University.

She is an international speaker on topics such as design thinking, human-centered technology, and reciprocal mentorship.  A trained classical pianist, in her free time, Nicole enjoys photography, painting, writing, traveling and expanding her collection of signed 1st edition books.

"Nicole Cacal is a dynamic and engaging public speaker who specializes in the intersection of design, business, and technology, bringing a unique perspective to audiences looking to bridge these disciplines. With extensive knowledge and experience in each area, Nicole provides insights and practical advice on how to create successful products, services, and organizations that thrive in today's ever-evolving landscape. Her ability to articulate complex concepts with clarity and enthusiasm makes her a sought-after speaker who inspires and motivates audiences to take their ideas to the next level."

--Will Thompson, Forbes Ignite